‘Stroll like a local

There are several varieties of stroll that have and can be attempted depending on your tastes. Here are some of our favourites:

The original

Back in Willy’s day the only drinks available were beer and a crude spirit/schnapps made from grain. The spirit was said to be a ladies’ drink, so attempt the crawl drinking only ales and stouts. Wear a flat cap for extra kudos.

The original – inverted

Attempt the crawl drinking only vodka and schnapps. Dressed as a woman.

The original – competition style

Keep visiting pubs until there is one person left standing. Do try to avoid being killed by a horse or a car though.

VE Day

Start and end the crawl with a White Russian or milk based cocktail.

Victory toasts – The general

On some strolls you’ll see one person dressed as a military man. At any of the pubs he can declare ‘toast the victory’ or ‘victory is upon us’. Every person must then salute and drink a White Russian.

Southville scramble

North Street is replete with charity shops. On the day everyone must buy a complete outfit from one of these shops and then attempt the pub crawl without the aid of a map.

The Nitch

End the crawl by eating the hottest curry on the menu in one of Southvilles excellent curry houses.



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